Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kick the Words Down the Road

Some group of researchers or pollsters came up with a list of words or phrases people no longer wanted to hear in 2013. My problem is, they left off the most aggravating! Kick the can down the road. Have we all lost the ability to find new ways of saying things?

I really don't want to kick the can down the road any longer. If we don't come up with another term we will  only be kicking the can far into 2013. If we continue to kick the can, our  vocabulary will be severally limited. Oh gag!

Did you know that our vocabulary is the single best predictor of intelligence? So, for the benefit of those in Congress who have limited vocabulary and possibly limited intelli . . . let us move on.

I would like to propose several alternative phrases that can be used to mean the same thing:

1. punt the puke down the trough
2. drop kick the bowling ball down the lane
3. boot the bilge over the fence
4. jolt the junk to the next trunk
5. send Peter into Neverland
6. postpone the preposterous
7. send Grandma of a mystery trip
8. kick the can into infinity - (borrowing a few words from the trite expression for those who may become anxious over losing their security blanket of words)

You think of a few. Prove what we have all known: words are beautiful, if strung together with purposeful thread.

Copyright 2013 Doris Gaines Rapp