Thursday, July 9, 2015

Freedom Re-born

Freedom Re-born – the theme for 2016. We have an opportunity to re-affirm the precious values of United States in 2016. The Age of Silence is already upon us. Lord God, give us the courage to go beyond the forbidden borders and restraints forcefully placed around us, so that we may bring in a Re-birth of Freedom. We will not deny that we are a unique country. Freedom gleams brightly, so that we may press on toward the … prize … before us: Freedom … a Holy concept, a grace-filled word. Be counted in 2016. Length of Days Freedom Re-Born, the third and final novel in the Length of Days Trilogy, will be available beginning in 2016. The first two, Length of Days The Age of Silence and Length of Days Beyond the Valley of the Keepers, all by Doris Gaines Rapp, are available now on