Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kindle Unlimited Titles Off the DBW Ebook Best-Seller List

For those of you who are authors, writers, novelists - you may find Digital Book World's decision of interest:

Kindle Unlimited’s effect on the best-seller list has indeed grown.
Kindle Unlimited titles have been removed from the Digital Book World Ebook Best-Seller list due to an inability to sort out retail purchases from Kindle Unlimited “reads” when creating the list.
After discussing several possibilities with Amazon as to how to include titles that had robust sales but also had reads on the new ebook subscription platform counted toward Amazon Kindle sales ranking, no solution was found. The conversations were constructive and amicable but, ultimately, not successful.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Book Launch - Monday!

Hiawassee - Child of the Meadow, my newest Historical Novel, will be available to order from your neighborhood bookstore and online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Cokesbury and other online bookstores, on MONDAY!! The cover has been up for a few week. A cover is the first thing readers see. Make sure it reflects your message. To me, Karen Noles beautiful painting of an Native American girl is Hiawassee.

It is important for the book to circulate as soon as possible.
I have gotten some Reading Partners who will read it ahead of time and post a review on Amazon. If you are interested, send your email address on the Chat Line of Facebook to my author page. It is  And, while you're there, please "Like" my page.

Blessings to you all,

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Share Book Marketing Ideas

Writers as marketers can be a frightening concept to many. I interviewed Catherine Marshall many years ago. Since my husband is a minister, we have moved often. I calculate time by where we lived when an event happened. I spoke with Catherine Marshall when we lived in the big house on Guilford Street and when the nation sputtered along under gas rationing.
I asked her if she was involved in her husband's publishing business, Chosen Books. Her reply was, "Oh my, no. Publishing and writing are two different talents!"
While I agree with her, today's authors must participate in that area of publishing called marketing. So, I will give you one of my working phrases:
"What you do not naturally do, you must deliberately do!"
1. Study book marketing from those who have done it well.
2. Think of every place you will be going in the next twelve months and plan books signings in those locations.
3. Decide on a marketing budget and set that money aside.
Those are a few logical suggestions.
What would you recommend in this great new adventure called marketing?
We are in this together. Let's share!