Thursday, November 19, 2015

I Give Thanks for You

Last evening, I had a wonderful time at Barnes and Noble in Fort Wayne, Indiana with my favorite author, Richard Paul Evans. If you are a writer, speaker, friend, family member or spouse, his message is clear: Be Honest. He spoke for about thirty-five minutes, and then signed his newest book, Mistletoe Inn. Taking time to ask about my back surgery, my brace and walker were clear giveaways, he shared that he too has had back issues that required surgery.

As a writer and psychologist I know his openness is what sells his books and he create millions of friends/readers with his friendly manner. If you are struggling with co-workers, family or friends due to honesty, remember six things:
  • 1.    Be honest with people, in down-to-earth but not vulnerable ways. Don’t seek sympathy … seek commonality and empathy toward others.
  • 2.    Don’t open up about things in your life that can later be used as ammunition against you. Share how God has helped you rise above your shortcomings and limitations.
  • 3.    Don’t use an “Ain’t it awful” attitude, but an “I am blessed,” triumphant attitude.
  • 4.    We are never triumphant over others, but triumphant over our own illnesses, injuries and failings.
  • 5.   We’re never triumphant over others, but over our own stumbling blocks, because we know too well we are not perfect.
  • 6.   Only God is perfect.
If you have a chance to hear someone speaks who inspires you, take the time out of your busy life to listen. This is the month for giving thanks. Don’t waste an opportunity to share with others all those people, events and things in your life that are a blessing to you. Your family and children will never really know you unless you tell them what brings you joy and challenge.

I give thanks for all those who read my blog. You are a blessing to me and I ask for blessings for you as well.