Friday, May 9, 2014

Come to Sarasota B&N and say "Hi"

Writing is so much fun - I look forward to every day! I also enjoy book signings! I will be signing, Smoke from Distant Fires, at the Sarasota, Florida Barnes and Noble on Saturday, June 21 from 1-3 pm. Come on over if you're in the area. I'd love to meet you! As a psychologist, I know, like Old Grandfather told Millie, "Smoke from distant fires can still sting the eyes." This Historical Novel, for kids to their great-grandparents, can help those who feel different, to make peace with their differences. If you can't come, call the store (941-923-9907) and order a book during the signing, I'll sign it and the store will send it to you. How great is that?!!

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