Wednesday, January 14, 2015

To Sign Books or Not to Sign Books, That is the Question

There seems to be a debate among writers if they should or shouldn’t have book signings. One writer said, “I would just die if no one spoke to me.” Here is the secret to a successful book signing: Talk to them first!

Engage them in conversation about whatever is in their immediate surroundings, like — the weather, something they are wearing, or a book they’re holding. Then ask them something like, “May I tell you about the books I’ve written?” Does everyone buy a book? — Of course not. Do most of the people want to hear about your books? — Of course they do.

A book signing isn’t about how many books you sell. It’s about how many readers you meet. The young woman who captured my heart at a signing event yesterday, said, “I graduated from high school and I’m in college now. But, I have never read a book.” She picked up, Length of Days – The Age of Silence, and said, “I’m going to read this one.” That young woman is why I do book signings. Awaken a love of reading in someone, and lead them on an adventure into places and people they have never known, and you will expand their world and bless the lives.
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