Sunday, April 26, 2015

Seize the Moment! Jane Pauley and Me

I didn't think for a second! I grabbed up two of my newest novels, News at Eleven - A Novel, and hurried to give one to the keynote speaker, Jane Pauley, and one to Melissa Long, the local Fort Wayne newscaster who read the novel and wrote an endorsement for the back cover.

I'm glad I didn't waste any time! There I was, in a wheelchair awaiting my back surgery on May 12 and wearing a newly fitted, bulky, thick back brace that makes me look like I have gained fifty pounds! The chance was in front of me, a few feet away. There was no way I was going to miss out on meeting such wonderful women and pass along my novel, just because I was concerned about my appearance.

All of this took place last Friday, a wonderful day away with 1,400 other women, plus vendors and volunteers, at Tapestry in Fort Wayne, IN. I was there at the Glo table to sign the book I had expanded from the novelette they had invited me to write for Glo Magazine. It was serialized January through April, 2015.

My friends, some opportunities come by so fast we hardly see them passing. Don't let them escape your grasp! Seize the moment and dwell on the blessing of the meeting, not on how you look, what you have on, or how you're stuffed into a brace or have a bad hair day. Opportunities are not about you or me; they are about the blessings along our path and recognizing them before they evaporate into the mist of time. Act now!

(Photo of Jane Pauley and Doris Gaines Rapp from the Journal Gazette, 4/25/15. Event: Tapestry - A Day for You, 4/24/15)

News at Eleven - A Novel is available online at Amazon; at the Bookmark on Anthony in Fort Wayne,  IN; at my book signing Saturday May 2 from 11 am to 1 pm in Huntington, IN at Dorothy's Hallmark; and, for those in the U.S. you can buy a signed copy at Tapestry price and free shipping by posting an I.M. on Facebook at Doris Gaines Rapp - Author Page. Limited number of copies available)

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