Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Writing Challenge for TV's Criminal Minds

As an author, I have a writing challenge for the television show, Criminal Minds. With the shuffle and discard of primary characters on the show, what if  Shemar Moore were to return to the BAU? That's not the hard part. The real challenge would be to shape viewer's thinking about the balance the character could have with his career and family. The writers and producers could give families in their viewing audience the privilege of watching Derek make his career and family work - rather than killing them off or split them up as has been done in other shows. Young adults need to know that they can have a career and a family and succeed at both. They can learn how to respect each other's time at work AND time at home. They can learn to love their job and love their family, with so much love it spills all over them and fills their shoes. As an author, I know it would be difficult to write against type - successful police, doctor or lawyer equals a lonely, self-centered professional. It would be a challenge to write from a mature point of view, but what a blessing to others to see it work!

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