Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sentences from Friday's Post

We left the restaurant and stepped out into the wonderful late afternoon air. The wind from the northeast was chilling, so I drew my tunic around me. A light frost crunched under our feet and the aroma of espresso coffee from inside the Demitasse hung on the cold air like perfume from a fine crystal bottle. It was breathtaking and it was December, nearly Gifting Day. Snow would certainly follow in a few days. The Gift-giving season was upon us and I hadn’t even noticed the passage of time. In spite of the frost in the air, I felt strangely warm as Jason took my hand in his.

It's Gifting Season and Christiana feels like she's getting an early present. Where is her new relationship going? Will it help her forget the evil influences of the day? Watch for a new post tomorrow - Monday.

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