Monday, September 22, 2014


Busy, busy, busy! But, that's not a problem. Can you imagine being bored? As writers, it is suggested that we write about what we know. I agree. Another piece of that, when you're blogging, write about the needs and events of the day.

Non-writers see a fallen branch and make a phone call. In our neighborhood, that's Mike's Tree Service. Writers do it differently. We see an opportunity to jot down comments about the bark of the tree, how it looks, feels and smells. We make notes about the break itself, is it clean or splintered and how does that compare to our losses. We check the leaves and see if the limb was dead before it hit the ground.
Sorry, I could go on and one. All of this to say, there is no way to be bored as an author. Ideas, descriptions, textures, and experience are embedded in everything around us. Try looking at life, the successes and yes the failures, through the eyes of an author. Look at all the possibilities.

As a psychologist as well, I know that failures are also successes. We are just ruling out possible approaches to a problem or situation we don't have to waste time trying again in the same way or with the same attitude. Of course, you should stop trying to make a failure work. Find another way to accomplish the desires of your heart.

Don't get bored - get busy.

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