Monday, November 17, 2014

Lincoln's Christmas Mouse (Sneak Preview)

I re-sized Lincoln's Christmas Mouse to fit into a Christmas Box Ministry package. They are great as Christmas presents as well and easy to stick in a box you are sending to a loved one. It includes a mouse that talks, President Abraham Lincoln's decision whether to put up a Christmas tree, and elements of the Civil War. It is available to order from your bookstore or online at and will be posted on by Wednesday. ISBN: 978-0-9915033-3-9.  Take a peek - not from the book - from the manuscript!

Hello! My name is Hiram P. Antwhistle. The “P” stands for Philadelphia, where I was born. I have lived in the White House for a very long time, even before Mr. Lincoln became president and long after.

Yes, I live in the White House. You see, I am the White House mouse and my wife, Martha, and I live in our little room in the wall near the main stairway leading to Mr. Lincoln’s rooms above.
            As the appointed White House mouse, I have many responsibilities. Little Willie and Tad Lincoln’s yellow mongrel dog, Fido, stayed behind in Springfield, Illinois when their father was elected president. Still, the cook’s cat needs considerable exercise, considering all that she eats. And, who would be better suited to provide those calisthenics than I, Hiram P. Antwhistle?
            The assignment that has thrilled me the most over my many years in the White House is the one I fill at Christmas each year. I became the official Christmas mouse.
            In 1860, when Mr. Lincoln was elected president of these United States, there was no electricity. And, with no electricity, there were no Christmas programs on television because there was no TV and there were no electronic toys or computer games because they had not yet been invented either. The center of the home at Christmas time in the 1800's was the family’s Christmas tree.

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