Friday, March 6, 2015

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

For Indie and Small Press authors, the hard part is not the writing. There is a love-affair between the creator and his/her characters that an author would embrace, even if they have to write in a closet. Oh, wait, a pantry off the kitchen was once my office. The “real” people in their novels are their sweethearts and authors must tell their stories. Before you try to apply an amateur diagnosis to these words, I remind you I am also Dr. Rapp, a psychologist. It is just that we know our characters and their motives very well. The hard part is marketing and distribution.

Family Christian Stores’ recent filing of Chapter 11 bankruptcy saddens many writers. I don’t pretend to know the details or the impact it will have on their brick-and-mortar stores. I do know, when a writing outlet has trouble, we all grieve for them and the authors they support. Thank goodness for the Internet.

If you are like me, I still don’t know how to utilize the net to the advantage of the books I write. With Publishers who navigate the cyber-world and offer books through their online presence, we all say, “Thank you!” We may not make the money of a Richard Paul Evans or Dan Brown—did I say, “May not?”—we won’t make big money, we write for the love of writing, to introduce the world to our “sweethearts.”

I just released, Length of Days – Beyond the Valley of the Keepers, the second in the Length of Days trilogy, behind the first, Length of Days – The Age of Silence. I send my friends, Christy and Jason, out into the unknown to overturn the Length of Days law, thus ending the extermination of people for no other reason than they have reached their Length of Days. Read about the two books at . Will Christy and Jason succeed? They already have, because I have given them a voice.

To all of you Small Press and Indie Authors, I say, “Tell us about your sweethearts.” Readers now wait with paper- and-print books, eReaders, cell phone screens and their own computers for an invitation into your world, to learn about the people who live there. Type on! Happy writing! Happy reading!


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