Sunday, July 24, 2016

Political Correctness Suffocates Freedom - Read: LENGTH OF DAYS TRILOGY

In the Length of Days Trilogy, political correctness leads to silence and death. That happens in 2112 when speaking the name of God is forbidden, even the Christ of Christmas is banned and only Gifting Day remains. A reverence for Life has vanished with the passage of laws and the passage of time. Political Correctness has chosen not to "offend" for over a century. Read what our society could be like one-hundred years from now, when Political Correctness is valued more than life itself. Those born after the Millennial Generation and Generation Z, who live through years of emptiness from drugged water and zero-ambition (Gen Z+0), have no memory of life before the emergency policies established during the crises of the previous century were put into place. Does that sound familiar? I pray our country can turn around before it's too late.  (,, or

In Book One, Length of Days - The Age of Silence, Christiana cannot let her grandparents enter the never-ending-sleep because they have reached the end of their length of days without doing something. When Silas Drummond breaks the silence, a way opens for Christiana to overturn the Length of Days law. A quiet librarian, people soon discover that Christiana is a follower of the Holy One. How will God lead her in this dangerous mission?

In Book Two, Length of Days - Beyond the Valley of the Keepers, Christiana and her friend Jason cross closed zone borders to elicit the help of the Keepers on the other side of Howard Mountain; the Hollow Ones of the West; the farmers, swindled out of their family farms, in the Midwest; and the Underlings, forced to live in the old subway system of the East. Together, they attempt to get signatures on petitions to place a Citizen's Referendum on the next ballot.

In Book Three, Length of Days - Search for Freedom, Christiana's grandfather, Oliver Richly, the Center Chair on the Council of Elders, runs for president in the first honest and open election since a decade before the Sestercentennial. When Richly is kidnapped, Christiana and Jason search from coast to coast in an effort to find him. Those whose only mission is to kill them all, stalk them at every turn. Will Christiana and Jason survive the attack and succeed in returning their country to the land of freedom and opportunity again? Will we?

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