Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Support Your Indie Author

To my mind, the hardest thing for an Indie author is certainly not the writing. It's the distribution. How do writers get the word out that they've written a riveting new mystery novel or a compelling treatise on the comparison of political parties in the twenty-first century? Don't expect me to offer any solutions because I have no clue either. The one thing I know for sure is how much I appreciate my readers. You are the ones who make or break an author.

Don't misunderstand, I won't stop writing if you don't buy my paperbacks or eBooks, because I love to watch a story unfold on my computer screen. I have taught school, earned a PhD and worked as a psychologist, even was the lead psychologist for one month in a men's prison. I have been thrilled with each opportunity. I know God's hand had been in acquiring several of my positions, like the director of the counseling centers at two universities: Taylor University in Upland, Indiana and Bethel College in Mishawaka. With my private practice, I've worked with people from age two to eighty-two. I loved my work and my clients. I listened while they talked.

At this time in my life, I find joy and profound satisfaction in the six novels I've written, with another book over half completed. I won't stop writing. It is my time to share my thoughts and words with others, my "listeners."

There's a great challenge in marketing your own writing. Just think of the thrill of selling your deepest thoughts in large quantities - a LOT of books. Without a large publishing house to support the writer with their vast marketing network, the Indie author must depend on their readers to "publicize" their work.

How many gifts do you buy as Christmas and birthday presents? What about a book as a "Thank You" gift or a first of the year teacher get acquainted present? Write reviews of Indie Author's books you've read on Amazon, and pass on books to others you've read and enjoyed. I tell readers they can find my books in the library. If mine aren't in your local library, just ask your librarian.

You, the reader, are who make a successful writer. You are the philanthropic society arts patron who makes writing possible for Indie Authors. A missionary group believed that their work was done by two groups of workers: the missionaries who went out into distant lands and the missionaries who remained at home and supported those who traveled. Each had equal value. Each was important to God's work. You, the reader, are my collaborator in writing. Thank you my friend.

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