Thursday, October 30, 2014

Beggars’ Night

“It’s Beggar’s Night!” Mama said. “Hurry and get your costume on.”

In that magical time of long ago when I was a child, the evening before Halloween was Beggar’s Night. Vandals roamed the streets during the darkened hours of Halloween. Eggs were thrown, trees were tee-peed and in the country, outhouses were overturned. There have been times of mischief when the little “necessity house” at the end of the path was occupied. Beggar’s Night was for young children who only wanted fun and candy for their sacks.

Make the time spent at your door special this Halloween (or next). As an author, I started thinking about surprise treats for the tricksters. Plan ahead and have on hand, a small book you’ve written and signed to stuff in their sack. Or, prepare a sheet of stickers with your book cover on it for children young enough to just like to stick sticky things to paper? If your publisher supplies “book stubs,” reserve some for the little “spooks” dearest and nearest to you, and drop one in their bag, piggybacked by a rubber band to a candy bar. Create special buttons displaying your latest book cover. Order extra pins to pass out at your next book signing.

Don’t be a beggar as you try to get attention for your newest book. Have fun passing the cover art out in a form the children will enjoy receiving. Get creative! Wait . . . you already are!
Doris Gaines Rapp

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