Friday, October 24, 2014

Reviews Are Precious Jewels

Well thought out book -   June 22, 2014     (Amazon Customer)
This author picks the subject that nags us today but looks back from the future, which contains the results of our actions today. Our grandchildren suffer a future that was initiated while we sat staring into a piece of glass that changes 60 or 120 times per second. We believe that we are seeing the truth as those dots appear and vanish before our brains can reconstruct the message. They are only dots that vanish as quickly as they arrive, leaving an impression that we believe to be true as we ignore the person sitting next to us.
The author asks us, “Should we act within those things that we know to be true or should we live in a lifeless gray world which is ruled by a government that treats our grandchildren as a bowl of mashed potatoes to be used for their own purposes?”
The book begins slowly as the author sets the stage for the main characters to begin the realization that they have been drugged all of their life. They soon discover that they have minds and instincts that we were born with and that they are perfectly capable of living without those controls.
The class system allows a certain group to live outside the law.
The author develops the characters as the story flows. I was happy to [see] the strengths arise as the characters met each new problem. Even the antagonist was developed further as the crises developed.
The author manages the problems that arise quickly to move the characters along to a conclusion.
I like the idea that men many years ago thought far enough ahead and wrote the rules that led us to this year. Will we be able to pass those rules to the next generation or will we be complacent, uninformed with our little glass in our hand?
Thank you Doris Rapp for a well-constructed book, and for being concerned for our grandchildren.
I stayed up late last night in order to get to the last page…..Oh, yes there is a cliffhanger.
I recommend this for for everyone, especially the young generation
Thank you to this anonymous reviewer on Amazon! Your words sparkle like  diamonds! To all of you precious readers, please remember to post a review for a book you enjoyed reading. It is vital to the success of the book and the author! Each review is a precious jewel, my reward for months of work.

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