Sunday, December 14, 2014

Great, Inexpensive Gift - Immediate Delivery!

It is Gifting Time in 2112, during The Age of Silence. Christmas has been banned and Gifting Day is near. Will Christiana and her friends be able to overthrow the Length of Days law, save her grandparents from the never-ending-sleep, and restore the natural length of days to each person’s life?

Book two in the Length of Days trilogy will be out around Valentine’s Day. NOW - Catch up to Christiana. Read book one, Length of Days – The Age of Silence, so you are prepared to travel with her and Jason to the forbidden zones in book two, Length of Days – Beyond the Valley of the Keepers.

For only 99 cents, email the eBook, Length of Days – The Age of Silence, to any of your friends you still want to honor at Christmas this year. Let them share in Christiana’s mission to save her grandparents, and be prepared to read book two in February.

Go to, type in Doris Gaines Rapp, scroll down to Length of Days – The Age of Silence, click on “$.99 to Buy,” then click, “Give it as a Gift” – you’ll only need your friend’s email address. They don’t even have to have an eReader. They can read it on their computer or smart phone. Let this be the year when we too break the silence.
Merry Christmas, “Say it often; say it joyfully; . . . say it for as long as you can.”
Doris Gaines Rapp
Copyright 2014 Doris Gaines Rapp

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