Thursday, December 18, 2014

Shopping is That SImple

Okay, it's simple. I wanted to get a book for our son but ran out of time for shipping to get it here before Sunday - for our family Christmas Party. Last minute planning tends to change one's plans.
So --- I went on Amazon today, found the book in eBook format, copied the cover-art and printed it off for giving as a gift. I will buy the eBook Sunday morning "As a Gift," enter our son's email address and it will appear in his email in-box. Snap - shopping done.

Any of my books, all covers with titles are pictured in the right side-bar of this blog, can be purchased as an eBook. The eBook will appear in your friend or family's email in-box immediately. No my friend, it is not too late for gifts to arrive on time - just send them electronically!

Have a Merry Christmas and be sure to wish people you meet a Christmas blessing. In 2112, During the Age of Silence, Christiana lives in a time when Christmas is banned, only Gifting Day remains. Speak the love of Christmas every day - as often as you can, as joyfully as you can, for ever as long as you can - so the name of Christmas does not vanish from our society.

Merry Christmas dear readers,
Copyright 2014 Doris Gaines Rapp

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