Thursday, May 5, 2016

Length of Days - Beyond the Valley of the Keepers (© 2014 Doris Gaines Rapp)

Tomorrow I'll post the second installment of my serialization of News at Eleven - A Novel. While you wait, enjoy the back cover description of the second in my Length of Days trilogy, Length of Days - Beyond the Valley of the Keepers. These are important books in today's world. They may describe what our society could be like in 100 years, if political correctness is not challenged.

I am Christiana Applewait, a legacy citizen of the Central Zone. It’s late in December 2112, after Gifting Day. Jason and I are still running from the Blue Guard. I must wear a gypsy mourning dress and veil, in order to speak to a large gathering in the Western Zone and not be recognized. Though I’m in line for a seat on the Council of Twelve, my position has not protected me from obsessive stalking by Chief Inspector Ward Stoner. But, we cannot stop. We must fill petitions to place a Citizens’ Referendum on the ballot at the next election in order to overturn the Length of Days law. If not, my dear grandparents will reach the age of extermination. They will enter the never-ending-sleep, thus ending their Length of Days.
A judge in the Central Zone placed a two-year stay on final-sleep travelers while we gather petition signatures in the other three Zones. We will have to cross Zone borders, closed for many decades.
Now we have just those twin years of hope to canvas the rest of the country, secure the signatures and then, pass the bill and implement it before our time runs out. We must succeed. God will be with us.
Lady Christiana Applewait

Length of Days - Beyond the valley of the keepers  is the second in the Length of Days trilogy. In the first book, Length of days - the age of silence, someone in the Central Zone broke the silence and exposed the terrible atrocities under Howard Mountain. Now the race has begun, to reclaim the country they love. All novels are available on and                          

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