Monday, May 9, 2016

Length of Days Trilogy

I know  you have to wait until Friday for the next installment of News at Eleven - A Novel. For those of you who love to read, I have a suggestion. Begin reading my novels in the Length of Days trilogy: The Age of Silence; Beyond the Valley of the Keepers; and Search for Freedom. 

The Age of Silence: What might life be like 100 years from now if extreme political correctness continues? In this first book, the ruling elite must control the citizens by drugging their water and removing music and celebrations that might stir their emotions. They change Christmas to Gifting Day and they silence the songs of our culture by forbidding any expression of music. They manage the population by predetermining the number of years in an individual's life, limiting their Length of Days based on the person's use to society. Someone breaks the silence by contacting Christiana who elicits the help of her friend, Jason.

Beyond the Valley of the Keepers: When the furnaces under Howard Mountain are turned off until signatures can be secured for a Citizens' Referendum to over-turn the Length of Days Law, Christiana and Jason travel across closed Zone borders to establish a network for securing signatures from the entire country. The Hollow People of the west and the Underlings, those forced to live in the subways and sewers of New York City, help them.

Search for Freedom: Christiana's grandfather, Oliver Richly, agrees to run for president in an open and free election that hasn't taken place in those same 100 years. Political figures simply filled open positions by right-of-succession. Kidnapped, Christy and Jason must search for Richly. Will they find him in time?

All three books in this trilogy are available in paperback and eBook form on line at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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