Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Length of Days - Search for Freedom

While you wait for the second post of News at Eleven - A Novel on Friday, I thought I'd share the back-cover of my newest book, Length of Days - Search for Freedom. It's the third in my Length of Days trilogy.

It is 2113 and our country is now a nation where the ruling elite select the president by right of succession. My dear grandfather, Oliver Richly, the presidential candidate in the newly formed 1787-Constitutionalists Party, has been kidnapped. My heart is breaking. Dr. Jason O’Reilly will help in the desperate search to find and rescue him. Is he alive? If he is, will we find him before the presidential election? My grandmother is in constant prayer.
Hired assassins make the journey very dangerous. I am exhausted from running. Threatened by a lack of precious time together, I even doubt my relationship with Jason. Will we find Oliver Richly before he is disqualified; protect his life; return freedom to the country—and save our relationship?
Lady Christiana Applewait

Book Three, Length of Day - Search for Freedom

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